Vitskär Süden

by Vitskär Süden

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-VUK- This is spectacular! The guitar work, in particular, really goes above and beyond in the atmosphere department. There are a couple classic rock moments I'm working through in my mind, but overall this is a fantastic album. A lot going on here. A bit of a Porcupine Tree vibe as well. Favorite track: Dark Passages.
nickster_riffster thumbnail
nickster_riffster I was not expecting this. This blew me away!!! I was expecting a brutal onslaught from the picture of this album. What I got was waves crashing all around me. The smell of the ocean, fire pits in the background, all of the sudden nightfall. If The Lost boys was made in 2020 this is the soundtrack, this is the picture painted in sound. As your remain calm, while the blood is being sucked out of you for your eternal sleep! The raven comes. 6 out 6 expectations blown Favorite track: Dark Passages.
Andy K.
Andy K. thumbnail
Andy K. Great stoner-psych here. Thick soundscapes with dominant guitar passages and a melancholy vocal feel. This was a perfect listen for this gray winter day.
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Row the antagonist far away Heap him up with chains Wooden priests sit in the boxes Inside they’re all the same Shining eyes and painted faces Your life is like a house of cards Mine is like a river Blindsided by a vision Light shines through your soul like a dagger Shining eyes and painted faces
Blonde hair in the bathroom sink Switchblade in his hand He was slack-jawed, like a cynic Spit into the fan Drove out to the highway Benjamins in the bag Pedal down, he drives away They’re blowin right out the back Pulled into a gas station Snuffed the counter man with a chain For a carton of smokes and a fifth of whiskey Fire and gasoline Made out for California A lesser man fall from grace Lit up on caledonia Everything laid to waste Hungry for the Leech oblivion Or just a taste
A final reservation To find some peace The covenant is broken The answer lies beneath Puzzled, fears winding The water hits your neck Crawling through the kitchen Entering the End The terminus of madness The vestiges of self Turning to white and gold The hammer finds the nail Fearful adulation A temporary shell Is this the life you leave behind? Is this the life you failed? A deity forsaken The passenger, he bailed The mailbox still lies empty The trickle of the snail
One more stands his ground Soldiers left behind Wise men come and go Wise men tell you, “No. You can’t hide. You can’t flee. You must go underneath.” Ships they sail for shore Crashing waves of war Wise men come again Wise men tell you when “Can’t you summon cursed covens? Won’t you call them? Won’t you call?” The raven comes just before the flood Raven comes, bearing signs of blood And the rain comes down on the lower plain The rain comes down, seeking life to drain Reawakened Spirits breathe With marks they once called The Number of the Beast The raven comes The Watcher weeps The raven comes The soldiers sleep The raven sees the presence take them The yellow night The darkness feeds again
Ice & Haze 07:00
Symmetrical Silent inside Heeding their call They put their finger in your chest Valley of the memory Valley of the dead They found the color of Stark remains, impassioned Not far from the hall Now the tombs are empty Now they walk alone Hampered by the sadness Listening for the call Valley of the memory Valley of the dead They put their finger in your chest
Heathens 05:36
Heathens - in this town Gotta round em up Gotta burn em out Heathens - in this town Preacher - he gonna talk em down Preacher - he gonna bring em round Gonna lift em up Gonna walk em out Preacher - he gonna talk em down Out in the darkness The streets have a power that they harness B-roll, control Choke through the mist The bullet or the fist
Shadow leads to darkness Wickedness to grief Water finds a way in Saturates the weak Do we subsist hiding from the essence of the thief? Trembling under cover We leave the past to sleep Poison from a viper Doesn’t need deceit Searching for a target The tenderness of meat Drift beyond the treeline Waiting just behind Watching from the willows Enemies you’ll find Shadow leads to darkness Wickedness to grief Water finds a way in Saturates the weak Quietus upon you Night consumes the day Begging for forgiveness On your knees you’ll pray Ominus, respitus, talonit, vey


released May 22, 2020

Martin Garner - Bass/Vocals
Julian Goldberger - Guitar
Christopher Martin - Drums
TJ Webber - Guitar

Produced by Vitskär Süden & Don Cento
Mixed by Don Cento at CenTones, Austin, TX
Mastered by James Driscoll, Dallas, TX

All songs written by Vitskär Süden
All lyrics by Garner, except “War Machine Crimson” by Dana Smith & Martin Garner and “Painted Faces” by Matt Garner
All songs ©2020
Lyrics Reprinted by Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Cover art by Samuel Araya

String arrangement on track 1 by Garner & Cento
Keyboards on tracks 2, 3, 5 & 8 by Cento
Backing vocals on track 2 by Cento, on track 3 by Goldberger
Detention center lineup excerpt on track 7 from the 1998 film TRANS (used with permission)


all rights reserved



Vitskär Süden Los Angeles, California

“Vitskär Süden creeps up on you like those last red moments of sunset before full darkness. This album has dominated my playlist lately.”

—Laird Barron, author of The Imago Sequence and Other Stories

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